When it comes to Personal Shipments...


Boxes, barrels, appliances, cars, household items...Everything! International Freight Consolidators Inc., will transport anything anytime anywhere. It’s all hassle free!!

In Jamaica we use our own privately bonded warehouses in Kingston and Montego Bay. No Wharf!! It’s all hassle free. Avoid the confusion, hustle and bustle of the wharf and enjoy our hospitality where everything is under one air-conditioned roof.

International Freight Consolidators Inc. picks up and loads containers everyday. Your cargo goes to Jamaica without delay and guarantees the fastest transit times.

Whether you are sending grocery, needed supplies to family or friends, shipping a vehicle or you are in town shopping, we can make your shipping experience smooth and hassle free by offering:

  • Competitive and all-inclusive pricing of barrels and loose cargo
  • Centrally located offices/warehouse locations for barrels and personal effect cargo
  • Drop off and pick-up service
  • Easy documentation process
  • Shipping of vehicles & customs export documentation
  • Destination quick release of cargo
  • Destination delivery coordination


Returning Residents to Jamaica

Rely on the expertise of International Freight Consolidators Inc., when you decide to return to Jamaica. We will pack your household items in a container, send it off to Jamaica, let you know the relevant documents needed to qualify as a Returning Resident, accompany you to your interview and get you settled at home. If you have a car or tools of a trade - no problem. We are the number one shipper to Jamaica and we speicalize in the personal effects trade to Jamaica.